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Welcome to Nicola Roberts Media, your new resource dedicated to the English singer and songwriter Nicola Roberts. You may know Nicola from Girls Aloud! She has written songs for Cheryl & Little Mix and also won The Masked Singer in February 2020. It is my aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Nicola’s career. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Sound Of The Underground (Alternative Vocal Mix)

The Sound Of The Underground Alternative Vocal Mix music video was created from the original 35mm films by editor and director Chris Fox.

“You never know what you might find when you dig into the raw footage from a music video and we were amazed to find that director Phil Griffin had recorded each of the girls singing every line of the song… In total, the band recorded about four hours of footage and there were so many beautiful moments to squeeze into the video. I wanted to give each section of the shoot its moment to shine: the performance, the slow motion, the glitter drop. There are fewer fast-paced cuts so we can soak up every moment and bask in the glory of Girls Aloud. The film negatives were rescanned in true 4K – giving fans a crystal-clear look into the past – and the final edit was colour graded to closely match the original music video.” – Chris Fox (2023)

Sound of the Underground album to be released on Vinyl!

Reach For The Stars book launch

Nicola attended a book launch last night called ‘Reach For The Stars’ written by Michael Cragg.

Herself, Kimberley and Nadine have contributed to a chapter about their peak time in the popworld, so Nicola was all too welcoming to talk about it at the launch.

Fans were able to attend the launch and meet Nicola afterwards!

You can buy the book on Amazon [HERE]

New Podcast: The Number with Darren Kennedy

“Welcome to episode 1 of The Number with Darren Kennedy.
In this series, I explore the idea that a life can be measured in numbers. Each week, I’ll ask my guests their seven most significant numbers and how they’ve shaped their lives. And for the very first episode, I am delighted that my good friend Nicola Roberts took time out to talk to me. We chatted about her early days in Girls Aloud, the value therapy has brought to her life, her close relationship with her siblings and so much more. I am very grateful to Nicola for being so open with me and sharing a little insight into her world. I hope you enjoy. Until next Thursday. Darren.”

Listen here:

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