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Welcome to Nicola Roberts Media, your new resource dedicated to the English singer and songwriter Nicola Roberts. You may know Nicola from Girls Aloud! She has written songs for Cheryl & Little Mix and also won The Masked Singer in February 2020. It is my aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Nicola’s career. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Video – Nicola talks about Sarah on Good Morning Britain

Broadcast on 22/09/23

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment in Young Women was set up in June to fulfil singer Sarah Harding’s dying wish to identify new ways to predict the risk of younger women getting breast cancer. There is currently no routine screening programme for early breast cancer in younger women who don’t have a family history of the disease, despite it being the most common cause of death in women aged 30-55 years. The project will determine risk factors most commonly found in women diagnosed with breast cancer in their early 30s, they will build a model with this data which will in turn help to enable all women to have a risk assessment for breast cancer when they reach the age of 30. Those women identified as high risk could then have access to early screening and opportunities for prevention, to reduce the chances of them developing and potentially dying from the disease. The innovative study has been made possible by funding from the Sarah Harding Breast Cancer Appeal with support from Sarah’s family, friends and Girls Aloud bandmates Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Walsh, and Nicola Roberts. Together through various fundraising initiatives, they have raised over £1 million to date. Speaking about the importance of cancer research before her death, Sarah said: “Research is incredibly important in the fight against cancer. Although this research may not be in time to help me, this project is incredibly close to my heart as it may help women like me in the future”.

Nicola and Kimberley take the stage at Mighty Hoopla!

Nicola and Kimberley take the stage at Mighty Hoopla!

Nicola and Kimberley made a surprise appearance at last nights Might Hoopla festival!!

They joined Olly Alexander on stage on Sunday night for joyous renditions of the Girls Aloud classics The Promise and Call the Shots.

Nadine had performed the same songs solo, the night before. This was Kimberley’s first Mighty Hoopla appearance and Nicola’s second. She was last seen there in 2021 joining Cheryl on stage for a remix of Fight For This Love/Show Me Love.

You can see pictures of the event last night in the gallery:


Sound Of The Underground (Alternative Vocal Mix)

The Sound Of The Underground Alternative Vocal Mix music video was created from the original 35mm films by editor and director Chris Fox.

“You never know what you might find when you dig into the raw footage from a music video and we were amazed to find that director Phil Griffin had recorded each of the girls singing every line of the song… In total, the band recorded about four hours of footage and there were so many beautiful moments to squeeze into the video. I wanted to give each section of the shoot its moment to shine: the performance, the slow motion, the glitter drop. There are fewer fast-paced cuts so we can soak up every moment and bask in the glory of Girls Aloud. The film negatives were rescanned in true 4K – giving fans a crystal-clear look into the past – and the final edit was colour graded to closely match the original music video.” – Chris Fox (2023)

[VIDEO] Interview with Tuning In North

Nicola appeared at Tuning In North live talk on the 29th March. They have kindly uploaded her interview to youtube.

Nicola talked about how important radio was to the success of the band, especially in the early days. She shared stories of the tactics they used to get stations supporting “the girls” while they competed on ITV’s Popstars: The Rivals, and the excitement they felt on hearing their single “Sound of the Underground” on the radio for the first time.

Some pictures from the event are in the gallery below:

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