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Welcome to Nicola Roberts Media, your new resource dedicated to the English singer and songwriter Nicola Roberts. You may know Nicola from Girls Aloud! She has written songs for Cheryl & Little Mix and also won The Masked Singer in February 2020. It is my aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Nicola’s career. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Special K Campaign 2016

In 2016, Nicola fronted a Kellogs Special K Campaign as part of their ‘Strength Is’ motto.

As an ambassador, she sat down with other women to discuss the Top 20 most hated pet names for women.

“It is a strange thing that in a modern society we still have room for language that holds strong women back. “It is very important young women in society grow up learning that you are not a ‘ball-breaker’ if you are successful – you are simply a strong woman succeeding. “Or don’t allow themselves to be referred to as anything other than who they are in a professional setting.”

Top 20 words women would ban:

1. Hormonal

2. Drama queen

3. Bitchy

4. High-maintenance

5. Hysterical

6. Ball-breaker

7. Diva

8. Highly-strung

9. Mumsy

10. Princess

11. Attention-seeking

12. Emotional

13. Manipulative

14. Bossy

15. Controlling

16. Difficult

17. Sexy

18. Aggressive

19. Sassy

20. Feisty

I’ve added 8 photos in the gallery from this campaign and also a video in the archive, click the links below.

Appearances > 2016 > September 5th – Most hated words used for women – Special K Campaign


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